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Andi and I go back to our college days. We met through a mutual friend and realized we both loved photography and good music! I was honored when she asked me to document her engagement. THEN, she suggested the Wichita Wildlife Refuge near Lawton, OK. If you know one thing about me, I am obsessed with this location.

Something about the Wildlife Refuge is that, as a commercial photographer, you have to be very, very patient with their permit process. I had worked myself through it right before COVID hit, but by the time I was ready to shoot again, that permit approval had expired. So we were cutting it pretty close, but I got it!

One of my favorite things about my friendship with Andi is that she always pretended to enjoy my favorite band, Guster. I mean, she probably enjoyed them some, but she would listen to the songs I recommended, let me gush over their music, and even went to one of their concerts with me.

She's amazing. And she has always deserved someone amazing to live life with - enter Jason.

I first met Jason last year at my friend Whitney's wedding (the friend who introduced me to Andi). Jason has the kindest heart and a sense of humor that pairs well with Andi. I'm so happy to see Andi with him.

The only downside (for me) is that I won't actually be attending their wedding - because they are getting married in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

We had fun spinning in the sunlight, running in the fields and I love that they brought their dog, Lucy!

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